Sarah Palin Starting a Campaign?

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Sarah Palin has been making more public appearances lately, attending a Tea Party rally in Madison, WI on Saturday, which once again raises the question: could Sarah win the Republican nomination and the presidency?

It seems when it comes to Sarah Palin, people either love her or hate her and that could be her biggest obstacle in a Presidential run; she would need to win all those in the middle if she has any hope of winning. She would have to hope voters take her seriously, but she might not be given the chance to ever talk about the issues.

When she was the Republican running mate of John McCain in 2008, she was forced to spend the majority of her time defending the fact she was a conservative woman, and as such, how could she possibly be as smart as a liberal woman, which led to her always defending any statements she made. It is no secret that the Left-leaning media deliberately tried their best to trip her up in interviews, asking her much more difficult questions than even the Presidential candidates, and for the most part she handled them well.

Sarah Palin was a fresh face in 2008, and she still has what todayÂ’s conservatives are looking for. At yesterdayÂ’s rally, she called out the Republicans and chided them for not trying hard enough to change things:

“What we need is for you to stand up, GOP, and fight. GOP leaders need to learn how to fight like a girl,” she yelled. – NY Daily News 4/17/2011

This is what conservative America likes to hear, and she could also win those middle-of-the-roads who are disillusioned with the “hope and change” which has never materialized from the Obama administration. But she will have to fill out her fighting words with real policies and plans. Sooner or later this is what American voters will want to hear. Palin can hold her own against the press, but will she be able to stand up to those who actually pull the levers? Only time will tell.

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