Sarah Palin, The Vacationing Hypocrite

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Sarah Palin always takes advantage of her Fox News airtime to say far-out things to her dwindling followers, and this time she said her piece fresh back from a nice, long vacation. Too bad she took this time to criticize President Barack Obama for taking vacations.

Sarah Palin showed herself to be quite the hypocrite on Fox News when she advised on-air that POTUS Obama should skip his vacation time. President Obama has always been under scrutiny for what Palin-groupies and Tea Party supporters call frequent “vacations” and sightings on the golf course.

Of course Palin and her ilk omit the facts that Obama’s vacations are usually business-oriented. Take for instance his highly opposed trip to Brazil with his family; he was in fact making a major oil drilling deal with the nation. He and John Boehner have also been spotted playing golf together, but does that mean it’s all work and no play for the President? Absolutely not, as most businessmen will tell you: “Most business is conducted on the golf course.”

Sarah Palin fails to realize how ridiculous she looks to people who can see what kind of hypocritical statements she makes. Though she hasn’t publicly announced any bids for the White House, and she’d fail if she did, it’s still ridiculous to make these kind of “suggestions” to the president when she herself is known for taking a lot of “trips” herself.

Remember when she came under fire for using government funds for traveling with her kids? She was charging the government for taking Bristol and company to events all over the globe—even to places at which they were not invited!


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