Sarah Palin to Deliver Prime Time Address in Iowa

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Sarah Palin’s trip to Iowa has the media abuzz with speculation over whether or not the former Alaskan governor will run for president in 2012. Palin will address guests at Iowa Republican Party’s annual Reagan Dinner at 8:00 PM tonight. The event will air live on C-Span.

Palin’s recent appearances with conservative talk show host Glenn Beck have fueled rumors of a possible Palin-Beck ticket in 2012. The media has already begun to treat the idea of a Palin presidential run as an virtual inevitability. Still, there is good reason to believe that Palin’s aspirations lie elsewhere.

Since the 2008 election, Palin has become something of a hybrid between a conservative media personality and a politician. Earlier this year, Palin starred in a Fox News Special called “Real American Stories”. The program attracted around 2 million viewers nationwide, according to the LA Times. Palin published a book in 2009 and has another due out in November, the same month that will see the much anticipated debut of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC.

History has shown that talk about conservative media personalities making the leap into politics is just that, talk. How many times have we heard that Rush Limbaugh would make a serious run for president? Never happened. Folks like Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin are more than happy to let the media speculate about their political ambitions. It’s great publicity. At the same time, they realize that a career in government would put an end to their cozy lifestyle they enjoy as paid talking heads. A presidency only lasts 4-8 years. A successful career as a political commentator can last for decades.

Why would Sarah Palin trade her newfound role as a media star for the brutalities of the campaign trail? She’s been there and done that – and failed. In all likelihood, Palin’s career as an elected official ended the day that she quit her job as governor of Alaska. She’s found her niche, and it ain’t in government.


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