Sarah Roberts Confirms: Not on ‘Teen Mom 3′

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In an unprecedented move, many of the girls from the new season of 16 and Pregnant are taking to Twitter to announce whether or not they have been picked for the third installment of Teen Mom. After three of the girls’ names were leaked to the tabloids (Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager, and Alex Sekella), other girls began revealing that they were not picked for the coveted fourth spot.

So far, Devon Broyles and Hope Harbert have tweeted that they will not appear on the show. After Sarah Roberts’s episode aired, it was reported that she was not picked, but there was no confirmation – until now. Sarah recently confirmed that she was not picked for the show, but doesn’t seem too upset.

According to Wetpaint, Sarah said she wasn’t picked, but wish she had been because she needs the money. Even though MTV may not have picked Sarah, she does say that she knows who was chosen to fill the fourth spot.

So who will get the coveted fourth spot? Many think that those who have kept completely silent may still be being considered. Lindsey Harrison, Jordan Howard, and Briana Dejesus have all been rumored to be considered and, ironically, have all been quiet about it on Twitter!

While fans may not see Sarah Roberts on Teen Mom 3, that may be a good thing. In classic MTV fashion, it seems as though a lot of her episode was edited to appear more dramatic than it was.

Sarah cleared up confusion about her episode tweeting, “my mom didn’t drive is apart. That’s what they want people to think. She wasn’t involved in our relationship unless he disrespected me in front of her.#truth

She is excited to start college and, even though she needs the money, she won’t have to worry about having cameras follow her every move. Do you think MTV should have picked Sarah?

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