Sarah Swaim Found Murdered

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Update: Missing 22-year-old Sarah Swaim was reportedly murdered and left in a wooded area, but officials are not clarifying on how she died, where she was found or any other details. However, it’s known that her boyfriend has been arrested in connection to her murder.

The young woman’s family say that this arrest doesn’t surprise them and that they had noticed signs of abuse in the past. So does that mean it’s possible that Gregory Shane Bailey might have fatally beat the woman?

Sherman, TX police say the boyfriend reported Sarah Swaim missing on Thursday night after she had reportedly vanished for around 24 hours. However, Sgt. Hampton of the PD says that “it directly pointed to the fact that the boyfriend had reported her missing was involved in her death.”

She would have a bruise, or a knot on her arm, or for instance one time they came over and her toes were broke,” said the girl’s uncle Kevin Swaim, on the family’s suspicion of domestic abuse.

There are also reports that CPS was involved in Sarah’s life and was called to her home “many times,” and these details are going to be part of the investigation behind her murder.

This is a tragic ending that nobody wanted, but it looks like the woman’s loved ones expected it. That’s a shame, but it’s indicative of the desperate situations families find themselves in when a loved one is involved in a potentially abusive situation. If she truly was murdered by her boyfriend—who is believed to be abusive—then hopefully her story can stand as one of the many that warn young couples against staying in dangerous relationships.

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