SarahPAC Goes to Disneyland on Donor Money

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Sarah Palin’s Political Action Committee, SarahPAC, has spent $418,000 this year. Not one dime of that has gone to support a single GOP candidate. Isn’t that what a PAC is supposed to do?

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is an organized group whose purpose is to elect supported candidates and defeat their opponents. PACs will typically spend money to run ads, either positive ads for their chosen candidate or negative ads used to discredit their candidate’s political opponent. The money spent by PACs is spent in many different ways to help or hinder politicians running for office.

How is Palin spending her PAC money?

SarahPAC spent $255,000 on fundraising and political consultants, $19,000 on the video Palin produced in attempt to discredit the portrayal of her in the HBO film “Game Change,” and $4,500 to reserve space in Channelside Bay Mall in Tampa. In addition, the PAC also paid staff a total of $152,000 between January 1 and March 31, 2012. That figure includes $22,000 paid to someone named Rebecca Mansour whom refers to as a “Palin Internet defender.” Is an Internet defender someone who deletes negative comments from Palin’s Facebook and Twitter accounts? Will the Internet defender do cyber battle with the author of this post?

And if that’s not enough, the PAC also spent $6,000 at hotels and $1,000 at Disneyland Resort in Lake Buena Vista. How is a vacation in Florida helping the Republican party?

Will donors continue to support this nonsense or get wise and keep their money in their pockets?

Does this financial report sound like the PAC website, “…dedicated to building America’s future by supporting fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation?”


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