Satanic Simpsons?

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I've been informed, in a rather informal way, that Matt Groening is a 33rd degree Mason.

Freemasons are evil worshippers who work to steer the entire world under their evil oppression.

Since The Simpsons have so significantly contributed to the dumbing down of America (and the world), there seems to be a possibility that Groening's agenda could be perfectly aligned with that of the Freemasons.

The more the world believes in the Devil, evil in general and fear, the easier the cattle can be steering into their sinister trap. The Simpsons portrays outright defiance of all authority as a good (and normal) thing, which nurtures cynicism, distrust and… fear.

The Freemasons hide their true identity behind their "charitable organization" cloak which, for all practical matters, is merely a good way to evade taxation and prey on the general public's trust that such organizations look to do good.

In restricted circles, it's apparently well known that the Freemasons hold detailed profiles on every single individual in both Americas (North, Central and South), Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Western Europe —but— that's not all since their now exposed "evil world domination agenda" requires them to do the same with the rest of Asia, Africa and of course, the Middle-East. Scary…

In your opinion, is Matt Groening really a 33rd degree Mason?

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