Saturday Night Live – “Hamm and Buble” Sketch Is Just One Highlight of a Great Show

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Jon Hamm hosted his 2nd Saturday Night Live in 2 years and in my opinion, elevated the show once again to deliver the best of this season.   In a collection of fantastic sketches, the following was a great one that took advantage of their musical guest, Michael Buble.  Ever had a craving for some Pork and Champagne?   Look no further than the excellent play on words in the following sketch:


Other highlights from the night included the Digital Short – “Sergio”, the opening State of the Union sketch, and the running gag of the night of the “Closet Organizer Guy.”   The last one worked really well, and they should look to do more running gags in the future.  Of course, my personal favorite was Bobby Moniyhan sporing a DHARMA Sweatshirt during the end credits as a reference to ABC’s LOST Final Season premiere this Tuesday night!  And he did this on NBC no less!  He does a pretty good  Snooki (From the Jersey Shore) on the Weekend Update as well!

What did everyone think of Hamm/Buble on SNL?

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