Saturday Writing Essential Harry Potter Goes to Town

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The Rules:

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This week’s challenge is to write some fan fiction. I will start a Harry Potter story and you will finish it in any manner you wish. Keep in mind that Harry and his friends are wizards and witches and that us normal humans are muggles. This event takes place shortly after Harry and Ginny marry. Ron and Hermione have been married for just over a year.


They sat at the Leaky Cauldron on the last day of their honeymoon. Harry and Ginny are having breakfast and waiting for Ron and Hermione to join them for a special outing. Ginny is bubbling over with excitement, “Do you think we’ll get away with it, Harry?” “Sure we will, just don’t pull your wand out and you can behave like a muggle any time.” “I want to leave as soon and Ron and Hermione get here.” “Then we better finish breakfast and send our bags home now.” They finish their tea and bacon sandwiches and add a thank you to Tom who runs the tavern, then go upstairs to their room to finish packing. Harry was just locking the last suitcase when a knock came at the door. Ginny ran to open it and let in her brother and sister in law. “Mornin,” said Ron, “ready for our day in the muggle world?” “Yes, good morning to you, have you decided what you want to do today?” said Hermione. Ginny immediately responded, “yes, I want to go to a moving picture show.” “We’ll have to wait a while to do that, they aren’t open this early in the day.” Said Harry, “how about the zoo first?”

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