Saturday Writing Essential – No Barley and Hops for Me….

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Looking at this challenge, I really wasn’t sure what to say. I don’t know if there is anything that would surprise my friends or family, as I’m pretty much an open book. I’m also rather boring.

Something that does surprise people, I guess, is I’ve never had more than one sip of beer. I was 5 years old when my grandparents and aunt took me to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. At that time, it had a working brewery that you could tour (I remember bits and pieces) and you could get free beer at the hospitality center. Now, I don’t know why my aunt let me have a big sip of her beer, as I was ONLY 5. She did though….and I promptly spit it out everywhere. And that did it for me. No more beer, ever. I just can’t even stand the smell of it.

I did go to a few parties in college and in grad school, but I didn’t drink. For the first few years, I was under age, and there was no way I was getting in trouble for underage drinking. A couple of my dorm mates got caught drinking the first week of school, and they spent the next few weeks doing community service (and their parents were called). My parents and I had an agreement about drinking, and I wasn’t about to violate their trust either. Yes, I was a good kid.

Over the years, my husband has tried to get me to taste his different beers. I did try dipping my finger in and tasting once….and ewwww. Nasty! I don’t get it. Beer smells bad and tastes even worse.

I guess as long as I’m on the subject, I’ve never tried smoking either…..I like to breath. And I’ve never had a cup of coffee….took a sip once….didn’t like it….haven’t had any since.


The Rules:

  • Put this challenge statement at the beginning or end of your submission so readers will know what you’re supposed to do.

Challenge: Using prose or poetry, tell us something about yourself that might surprise your friends or family. This is designed for a nonfiction/essay response; however, if you’re really committed to not revealing something, write it as fiction or third person about someone else.

  • There is a limit of three submissions from each member per day. If you’re extremely prolific, spread out your work and post only three submissions per day.
  • Post to Gather Writing Essential.
  • Tag your submission with SatWE.
  • Include (Saturday Writing Essential) as part of your title.
  • I ask that you make your submission(s) by next Friday afternoon Pacific time.

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