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Okay, fellow Gatherites, this week’s challenge is very special. And I can almost guarantee you that it has never been attempted.  You may now have noticed if you’ve followed my weekly Writing Essentials, you’ve probably noticed that I like literary criticism and critical analysis. Well, I’ve always wanted to implement criticism into one of my weekly Writing Essentials, but I could never find the right angle to put it into action. But, I believe I’ve finally found it!

Sooo… Enough with the suspense, enough with the buildup…

Here’t  goes—for too long you’ve all been sending your hard work to us editors hoping for positive feedback or some good advice that might help you improve.  How many times have you poured your heart and soul along with many tears and emotions over your work, in response to one of our challenges, only to receive an underwhelming response, or some “phoned-in” one liner of praise, or, worst of all, to not even receive a response? Well , here’s your chance to pay us back….

This week’s challenge—

I want you to pick one of the GWE editors post, a writing post, only a responses or a piece of work that they shared with us once before…NO critiquing their old CHALLENGES.. You can go back as far as you want, perhaps back during dinosaur time (HAHA). (Do NOT choose your favorite post from the editor).Of course, you have probably read all of their posts, even so try to pick the most unfamiliar post. It needs to come from an EDITORS post from within the GWE group. Fiction,  Non –fiction, and  poetry  are the post you will need to critique, may it be an essay, short story, or a poem. Copy and Paste the chosen post to your response. Make sure it is before your crits..

Ask yourself

—a few important questions…Do not worry so much on grammar or proper comma usage.

Does it grab your attention? If so, where?

Are the characters/narrators believable?  Why?

Are you able to convey the writers meaning?

Is there not enough, too much, or just enough dialogue in the story.

What is the weakest part in the story, and then ask yourself what is the strongest?

Do you see any kind of poetic devices in this piece, if so, which ones? Quote them as you list the devices.

Does the story/essay/poem deserve more attention?   (This is a reason some new members are terrified at times to post a response, they do not know if you will say the truth or if you are being only half honest, or sincere, and maybe a tad bit hurtful).

Constructive Criticism— It is only to help you not hurt you..

Every writer (hobbyist or professional) tends to have a desire to be read and noticed.)  A lot of times we tend to overlook our own and not notice our many misspellings or grammatical mistakes because we are too busy/lazy or ill to double check it. (I admit, I am guilty of this) .

Looking at another person’s work will improve your ability to proof read, maybe it can do more, maybe you love it, and then maybe you will hate doing it…what can it hurt?  (try and understand the language) Remember what you looked for in the editors work and when you write for future responses remember what is right and what is not needed.. I think it will help you become more in tune with your writing as in it becoming a skill and talent rather a hobby or habit.  This means now you are able to deliver your advice and help weaker writers. Teach someone how to choose their words carefully and it may change their vocabulary for the better. Try to open another’s eyes by helping them see the beauty in this type of art (especially writing). Every written word should be applauded and celebrated. Having the “right” word will always be more than just a word, you can change an entire after noon by hearing someone say a few words or even by writing them down. These “right” words will be around you every second of a minutes in an hour.You just have to dig deep for them, sometimes. IF you decide to walk away from an opportunity to improve yourself, then just imagine what you are capable of..

FOR INSTANCE— If you happen to be in close perimeters with a train that is coming fast in your direction and you notice a missing rail and then a weak one. What will happen?  Will you try to help warn the train conductor or will you walk away?

Some Editors may not want to be involved with this challenge..

If you do not want to be, please leave a comment and say Critique not needed..

Len, Doug, and Pam, knowing that it has only been a month of retirement for you..and it is well deserved..But …if  at all possible if  the members want to choose to use your post to critique..will you allow them?  I understand if you three would not want to be a part of this challenge.

My favorite part of this challenge is the fact that you may not be correct when critiquing one of the editor’s work..but you learn where you went wrong..or it can be VICE VERSA..Regardless, it is suppose to improve your writing.


So it has to be either







A.F. Stewart





Unless you see where they posted in a comment critique not needed.

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