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Challenge: Use prose or poetry to review a book that you don’t like for some reason. Write good (or at least lukewarm) statements about everything except ONE component, which you’re going to pan. It can be the plot, the character development, the writing, the illustrations/pictures, the font, or even the cover design. Use a real book or make one up.

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Because being negative can be a lot of fun, I’m going to post book reviews for two books I didn’t like. The first pretty much follows the prompt in the sense that I’m saying (mostly) good things except for (almost) one component. The second is just plain I-hated-this-book bad stuff.

The first is to a classic, Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451. Maybe you’re thinking, “hey, how could you not like that book?”, and if you are this should hopefully answer your question:

Book Review: Farenheit 451

If you look at Farenheit 451 from the perspective of when it was written, you can be amazed at Ray Bradbury’s prophecy. I tried to keep that thought in mind when reading the book but I wasn’t able to put myself into any type of Cold War paranoia mind frame and as a result, I kept coming back to my 2013 mindset and thinking, hey, we have bigger fish to fry, or bigger books to burn, nowadays.
Anyway, that’s just me.
The idea of censorship and government control and general public apathy was interesting, and the idea of society possibly heading there, or already there if you want to think about the obsession with television and privacy debates and information sharing, is frightening, but when I finished the book I’m sitting there thinking, That’s it? That’s all? So we suffer through all of this to find out that there’s a group of people in the country who have memorized books? That’s great, books and ideas and free thought live!, but then what in the world was the whole sense of Montag’s story leading up to that great revelation?
I thought Guy Montag was a little wimpy and the whole chase at the end wasn’t exciting. I found the writing a little difficult to read at times, very choppy and dull. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone.

The second review is to a book I really didn’t like but rather than post it here, because I’m sort of an obsessed stats freak, I’m going to post the link to my blog where I originally posted it. If you want to come and read it – and I hope you do – just click HERE.

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