Saturday Writing Essentials: 9/5/09 Creative Chi

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Creative Chi

The thing about creativity, mine being painting or writing. 

When I feel the passion, the creativity flows. 

When the spirit moves me, there is no stopping it.

It is embraced with a chi, an energy that builds to a blossom.

I fully understand the importance of setting aside personal time to work on this craft.


As I am designing, I sense an unbridle creativity flow through my veins. 

The energy is strong and exhilarating. It is here to take me for a ride.

The energy of creativity does not forget; it is waiting to be released.

As of late, I have words and feelings that need to promenade. 

These words do not need confirmation from others.

It is an energy that knows its purpose.

As long as it is here, I will find the time to ride the wave and know that it will carry me safely to shore.


©DYen 9/5/09


Prompt for the week:

Write a small piece, prose or poem, that affirms your creativity, Write from a position of strength. Or face a small fear or insecurity honestly. Tell us how you affirm your decision to live a creative life. 

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