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Write about a positive or negative customer service you have had.


* You have been waiting in line at the returns counter for an hour. Finally you get up to the counter and they are about to close. How do you handle this?

*You call for customer/technical support.

*Dealing with a governmental agency.

Watch out for:

You may have the urge to get up on a soap box or use insulting language-(government agencies tempt us to do so but try too avoid it)

I recently moved to an area that is serviced by Charter Communications so I have their telephone and high speed internet. My phone service has been from Vonage for the last 5 years and I have no problems with their service, they never bother me and always send me my bill on the 5th of the month over the internet.


I found a good deal for the services I want from Charter and called them and signed up for those service on a two year contract. Then the calls started coming in. They wanted me to take their phone service I told them no thank you. Every month I put up with this until January a very pushy man called me and tried to sell me on their phone service, I told him no thank you, he told me he would give it to me for free, I told him I would still have all of the taxes added to my bill and I wasn’t interested. He said “you don’t want free phone service?” I said “I don’t want your d@#$%ed phone service and if you don’t leave me alone I’ll cancel the services I do have!” With that I hung up on him. They haven’t called me since.

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