Saturday Writing Essentials The Story vs The Article

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The article is first, the story after 

This Week’s Challenge:

Use prose or poetry to write two things: First, a short article about some subject. Then, a short story about the same subject. Use the article as the inspiration for your story.

Tuesday morning bright and clear, I caught the bus with my sister to attend my first day of high school. My sister had been there for two years already and was barely tolerating me. Once at the school I noticed how bright and new everything was and had high hopes for the new school year. As each hour began I would listen to the new teacher’s hopes for the year ahead and think about what that meant for me, that is until I went to gym class. I went to the room on my schedule and thought something must be wrong when I saw girls going in the other side of the room. I opened the door and walked in and there in front of me was the boy’s gym class, thankfully completely dressed.  I muttered something about where was the teacher and went through the connecting door to the gym. When I couldn’t see him in the bare gymnasium I sat down on a bleacher and waited. After all of the boys had entered and sat down he came breezing into the room with his head in his schedule. He started calling off names and marking off each boy who answered. When he got to Patrick Shunatona I froze but didn’t say anything. For the first time his head popped up and he looked around the room, his eyes lighting on me for the first time. I raised my hand and said I think you mean me, Patricia. Right away he asked for my schedule and found I was in the room assigned to me and told me to go to the office and have it fixed. He didn’t even miss a beat!


The first day of school was the Tuesday after Labor Day. I would finally be in high school. I got on the bus and got together with my girlfriends to discuss this important topic. We compared our schedules and ohh’d and ahh’d about the ones we had together and the lunch hours we would share. Upon arrival my girlfriend Carla and I went to our homeroom class together. The rest of the morning we attended our new classes. After lunch with my three friends, I headed off to gym class. My schedule sent me to a different door than the one the other girls were going to but I opened the door and went in. All boys, they were sitting and leaning on everything and they started grinning when I walked in. I asked how to find the teacher and went where I was told. Now in the gymnasium, I saw no one and sat on a bleacher and watched all of the boys enter the room all laughing at me. Soon the teacher came in and had his head buried in his schedule. He began calling off names and marking on his sheet when they answered, until he got to Patrick Shunatona. I said nothing and he looked up and around the room noticing me for the first time. I had my hand raised and said very softly, “I think you mean me, Patricia.” “Well, I know the boys don’t mind you being here but it would only cause trouble so you had better go to the office and change this.” I literally flew out of the gym and hunted down the office and got my schedule changed in what appeared to be record time!

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