SATWE, 02/22/14, Unoriginal – “Melancholy Repetition”

Melancholy Repetition”

by Heather L Campbell

February 24, 2014


The new pianist played

Too oft the same tune.

From each morning to night

Even through each noon

A sad melancholy

Popular at first

Too much of the same song

Everything reversed

Do you know another,

Tune that you can play?”

The patrons kept asking

Soon they went away…

Please play us a new song

Else you’ll have to go

We need variety

Not this song of woe”

Then unemployment

But it’sa great song”

He just could not see

How it all went wrong…

A sad song it was

Amournful dirge

Continued his angst

Kept him on the verge

Into each new night

Day after each day

His obsession was

To play and to play

“Angst on a Shoestring”* provided the

inspiration for this poem

Here is the link in case you are did not seeBette Midlers performance -

Angst On A Shoestring‘ – David Letterman’s Holiday Film Festival

Challenge: Fiction

Write a short story within the parameters of an established fiction genre of your choice. Feel free to combine genres as well.

Poetry: Write a poem using an established form or style. Or use an old poetic idea and make it your own.

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I am a Christian writer and published poet. I pray each day God uses me to uplift others and draw them to him. My feet are made of clay, but through me God can help others. My faith brings me comfort as I believe that the Lord has a plan for my life and

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