SatWE, MWE and WWE (ghosts, politics and death valley)

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Ghosts, Politics and Death Valley Belong Together

I climbed down the path and sat on a lonely stone, waiting for my friends, Len and Lord Gregory, to join me as promised in the pits of Death Valley.  The sun was setting and they didn’t show up.  I was worried that Len had passed out due to the extreme heat, drinking beer and smoking.  Fortunately, I was prepared.  I had my sleeping bag and climbed into it near the fire I’d built.  Then, I put out the fire.  What was I crazy?  It was 125 degrees outside.
That night, as I was half asleep, I heard a wailing.  Being the chicken I am, I zipped myself in the bed roll and hoped that no scorpions, snakes, spiders or skunks would join me.  I waited patiently for my friends and dreamed that they could come back safe.

The dream shifted and a handsome knight appeared.  He was wearing a coat of arms and flaunting shiny armor.  He said he was a ghost, forever to roam Death Valley merely because he refused to obey the king.  He refused to destroy the village of the Gobblyworths.  The Gobblyworths were a peace loving bunch of distorted people that wanted nothing to do with the king’s politics.  Then the knight left my dreams and my dream shifted.  I found myself talking to a lobbyist.  I was very tired the next morning.

My friends didn’t show up again, but I waited, worried and spent another night in Death Valley.  This time when the knight showed in my dreams he was rejoicing.  He kissed my hand and he bowed.  Then a whole mob of distorted people showed up, singing, dancing and yelling “Free at last, free at last”.  I figured they must the the Gobblyworths that the knight refused to slay.
Apparently my dreams helped them and who would have guessed that a dreamland lobbyist had so much power?

P.S.  Len and Lord Gregory showed up the next day, but they were so white, you’d have thought they saw a ghost.

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