SatWe Tales (Saturday Writing Essential)

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SatWe Tales
©Ruth Cox

Gather Writing Essential keyboards don’t rest;
Do come join the best and be put to the test.

We are the cool creative computer cats;
Our keyboards purr a string of rat-a-ta-tats.
By light of a day and by dark of a night
We paw at our words until we get them right.
Then in a blink of black ink of a cateye
The lone mouse in the house bids the work bye-bye.
Sat we upon our tails while spinning our tales
And onto the screen our creation unveils.
Our post icon, a visual interface,
Links us with our peers in style and in grace.

Word potential, operations sequential,
Gathered on Saturday Writing Essential.



Len’s Saturday Writing Essential Challenge: Describe a new product, an improvement to an old product, or design a new logo for some product or Web site. Use prose or poetry to tell us about your idea.

I chose to combine poetry and design to implement an icon to post with my forthcoming submissions to Saturday Writing Essential. Gather Writing Essential members who would like to use the blank version I’ve included with their SatWe submission are welcome to do so.


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