SatWE – What Snow White Saw

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By night the river sobs a fragile hymn,
by day its belly swells with blood
while ten’ment chillen’s  faces hang
fromwindows like undergarments 
and as the elevated passes by,
doors slam and blinds close
as the eyelid of the world lowers
its deafening boom.

Snow White sees it all,
sees her lover pry her open,
with his gentle tongue, his knife ~

Huntsman! Cut out my heart, eat it now.

With a cold, stern eye, sharp as steel,
she collects dried crumbs in an old sow’s ear
to know her way back home,

so crones won’t eat good children,

roast them on a spit, poke them till they’re done,
because no one cares about the chillen

when the eyelid of the world lowers
its deafening boom.

Yesterday’s children rotate on a belt
in a dark, seductive dance ~
one-two-three, one-two-three~
turn and stamp ~ ‘You’re done ‘
then float naked and headless
in the blood-swelled river
when the eyelid of the world
lowers its deafening boom.

There is no rest for what Snow White sees
by night, by day, in sleep or watchfulness.
A mother, broken from her lover’s death,
sobs thru the night till her cig’rette into flame erupts
and another mother’s  tender soul
is from consciousness savagely ripped,
crawling for crumbs, she mutters

‘come september june';
and the nurses ask:‘Are you calling your daughter, Dearie?’
but she can only reply, ‘come september june’.

Boom!  The axis is on its head, tilted
and night becomes day
and rivers flow up
and the dead are undead
and the eyelid of the world
opens its eyes to a fresh, clean dawn.


Rewritten from a year ago. It was a free write. A half sleep series of dream images.


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An article of mine, 'On Marriage, Life, Death and Remarriage' was published in "Blended Families (Social Issues Firsthand) by Greenhouse Press." An article of mine was referenced in this book: "Margaret Atwood: a reference guide" by Judith McComb

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