Sausages With Tomatoes, Peppers And Onions

We decided on sausages for dinner last night, and I got a bit of a late start on them as we had gone out earlier in the day.  I had to rush and get things cooking, so this more or less became a combination of different recipes that I use.  I don’t think exact amounts are necessary for a dish such as this, as in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with this combination of ingredients. If there is an ingredient that you family doesn’t care for, for example the peppers, leave them out, substitute with something else, or just add a bit more of one of the other ingredients.


 I used 7 sausage links, parboiled and then sliced and ‘fried’ up a bit.



 I then added some chopped fresh tomato, and a chopped, large onion and let this cook a bit.





Some red wine was added (of course) and again I just let this cook down for about 10 minutes before I added



a can of diced tomatoes with the liquid and some of my frozen green peppers. Again, this was stirred well and allowed to cook for about 20 minutes, adding more wine if more liquid was needed.


While it was cooking, I gave the pot a generous amount of this grinder. Garlic Pepper and Sea Salt.  I just love this.







When it seemed about ready, I added a generous handful of baby spinach leaves


and about 1/2 cup of grated romano cheese.


    We had some already cooked penne pasta left over from another meal, so when everything was hot, we added this and stirred it in until nice and hot.






If you want more of a ‘sauce’, you only need to add some tomato sauce or paste with more liquid.  Serve with more grated cheese on top.  This easily serves four.

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