Savannah Guthrie Believes God Sent Hurricane Sandy to Obama [Video]

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Today Show host Savannah Guthrie made a ridiculously callous statement on NBC’s “Meet the Press” about how Hurricane Sandy was “sent from above” to assist Obama with independent voters.

Guthrie stated in part,

“This was a campaign built to turn out the base of the Party, and here was a moment handed to him seemingly from above where he could look like that strong, independent, steady in a storm, very appealing to the middle of the road voters, and I might add to unmarried women voters who are going to be very key in this election.”

For the up to 40,000 New Yorkers who have been displaced, not to mention the 111 known fatalities from the deadly storm, Savannah Guthrie’s inane comment must seem callous, indeed. It is a painful reminder of how devastatingly out of touch the mainstream media really is.

Watch Ms. Guthrie’s statement here:

Photo Source: AP via Fox News

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