‘Saving Hope’ Deals With Love and Loss

This week, Saving Hope dealt with love and loss. Both title characters played by Erica Durance and Michael Shanks faced the possibility they may never reunite.

It begins when Charlie’s wandering spirit meets another coma patient, Scott Cockburn. His spirit looks young and vibrant like Harris’s, but his body is old. He’s been in a coma for almost 30 years.

Scott feigns love for his circumstances given that his ex-wife no longer comes to see him. He claims she never really loved him or she wouldn’t have given up on him in just two years. That makes Charlie wonder how quickly Alex will give up on him.

Alex has problems of her own. When she falls asleep during Chief of Surgery Kinney’s presentation, the doctor sends her home for some rest. She’s not being kind, though. She’s setting Alex up to lose her place at the top of residency chain.

She cuts Alex out of a crucial surgery, attaching new hands on migrant worker, Ysidro Pineda. His got cut off in an accident at a processing plant for chickens.

However, Alex’s ex, Dr. Joel Goran, isn’t having any of Kinney’s manipulations. He knows Alex is best equipped to help him do the surgery. So he goes to Alex and Charlie’s apartment to retrieve her.

It’s just as well. Their home holds too many memories for Alex. She still can’t face them. Plus, she’s not about to let Kinney steal her job for someone else.

Once back at the hospital, things start moving quickly. Goran rejects Maggie’s request to get in on the hand transplant. He tells her he was to busy fighting for Alex to ask that she be allowed to take part too. Maggie’s crushed.

During surgery, Alex shows her value by transplanting one hand with ease. However, the colleague Kinney has in mind to replace her has problems with his hand attachment. Erica steps in and saves the day, finally impressing her new boss.

Elsewhere, Charlie tries to get Scott to tell him how to get back to his ladylove. The wandering spirit informs him that he can’t so he might as well enjoy where he is.

All of that changes when Scott finds out his body is failing. His ex-wife gets called in to help doctors decide what to do. Does she want him revived if he codes again. She decides she does not. Still, she sits and holds Scott’s hand during his last few minutes.

She tells him that she loves him. She never stopped. Her confession softens spirit Scott’s heart and he tells her she doesn’t need to cry anymore. Then he disappears into the peaceful light where others have gone before. But not before telling Charlie that, if he wants to get back to Alex, he has to try harder.

Maggie gets assigned to a patient who wandered into the ER after being beat up by a group of thugs. He’s obviously battered, cut and bruised, but Maggie suspects something more because of a distended abdomen. She tries to tell Dr. Toliver that he’s not suffering from pneumonia, but the elder doc won’t listen.

Eventually, Maggie is proven right. Her patient starts to seize. Suspecting his stomach is full of blood, she cuts him open to release the excess so it won’t destroy all his organs. Toliver grudgingly admits that Maggie was right and the young female doctor admits she was in the right place all along and it wasn’t in surgery.

Following the hand transplant surgery, the doctors invite themselves to Alex’s for an impromptu party under the guise of her being the hero of the day. The event helps liven up Alex’s place and for a moment she forgets about Charlie. When that hits her, she begins crying uncontrollably. Then she heads back to the hospital to see Charlie. Once there she tells him she won’t give up on him. She’s Saving Hope!

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