‘Saving Hope’ Deals with Pregnancy, Hypnotism and the Vampire Disease

It was a busy week on Saving Hope. Alex faced pregnancy; a patient forgot who he was under hypnotism and the vampire disease reared its ugly head.

As usual, the day began with Alex talking to her comatose fiancé, Dr. Charlie Harris. When a colleague came in to ask her a question, it triggered the realization she’s late with her period. Worried she’s pregnant, Alex rushed to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. Afraid to get her hopes up, however, she procrastinated about taking it.

Charlie’s spirit, hearing the conversation, became desperate to let her know fatherhood is something he wants. He hoped communication with her could take place after a hypnotist reported to the hospital to help out one of Alex’s patients. He’s able to see Charlie and even speak with him. However, he declined to help Dr. Harris communicate with his fiancée.

The hypnotist got called after patient Chester Mills came into the ER with a piece of rebar puncturing his chest. He felt absolutely no pain, which threw the doctors. Still, they decided to operate to remove the metal. Sadly, they weren’t quick enough. Realizing it was the rebar making the doctors nervous, Chester reached down and pulled it out himself.

There was just one problem. The metal tore a hole in his aorta, which required repair. Luckily, the doctors were able to do that in time to save his life. Still, Alex worried that her patient couldn’t talk about his pain because he didn’t feel any.

After finding out he’d been hypnotized by lounge hypnotist named Randal, she called him in to remove the spell. Once he did, Chester began screaming with pain—in his stomach, not his chest.

As Alex scrambled to discover what caused it, he explained it was a long-term problem from which he suffered. He told her he’d been to multiple doctors; none of whom could diagnose the problem. He didn’t expect she could either. However, Alex seemed determined to prove him wrong.

That’s when Charlie hijacked Randal and convinced him to help him communicate with Alex. The hypnotist started to do just that, convincing female surgeon he really did she her comatose fiance’s spirit. But then he shut down, indicating he expected payment for his services. That’s when Alex decided he was a fake and walked away.

In the ER, a young teenage woman came in with a hurt neck. She claimed her mother pushed her down the stairs. While Maggie waited to get x-trays, she noted the girl was rhyming her words and acting very strange. So she called in psychiatrist, Gavin Murphy. He diagnosed the girl as delusional.

Dr. Murphy talked with the girl’s innocent mother, suggesting a new medical regimen including a medication change and talk therapy with him. The mother resisted the idea, saying she couldn’t deal with any more false hope. However, the girl herself became hopeful that Murphy could help cure her after he cured her neck issue. He and the girl agreed to give the new therapy a try.

Alex struggled to find the answer to Chester’s problems. At first, she thinks it is Lupus. However, he tells her he got tested for that and the tests were negative. But when he begins blistering from brief sun exposure, something else comes to mind—the vampire disease known as porphyria. It causes neurological problems, pain and skin issues like Chester Mills exhibits.

Mr. Mills gets excited that someone finally has a name for the disease that’s cost him his girlfriend, his job and his life. However, his hopes get dashed when Alex tells him it isn’t curable, although it is manageable. Chester goes back into a depression, although he thanks the young doctor for trying to help him.

Alex’s hopes get dashed too when she takes the pregnancy test and discovers she’s not pregnant. Charlie makes three when his last attempt to get Randal to speak to Alex for him also fails.

If all that’s not bad enough, the delusional girl reports back to the ER after failing to take her meds. She’s delusional once again. Sadly, it turns out the day wasn’t a good one for Saving Hope.

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