‘Saving Hope’s’ Charlie Harris Learns How To Fight for His Life

Saving Hope battled this week for the life of Dr. Charlie Harris, Hope Zion’s Chief of Surgery. However, while Charlie learned how to fight his way out of a coma, his girlfriend, Alex, fought to save the life of a hockey player.

The player came to the hospital after he got attacked by fans wanting him to prove his toughness. While he allowed the beautiful doctor, played by Erica Durance, to check out his ribs, he declined a CT scan. That raised red flags for Alex. She’s certain he was hiding something. So she decides to trick him into a new blood test procedure that might also let her know if he’s suffered brain trauma. But her patient won’t wait for the blood panel. He gets up to leave instead.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t get far. A gang members starts shooting at rival gang members in the emergency room. Unfortunately, he does a better job of hitting patients than he does his target.

The shooting incident’s payback for one of their own who got stabbed by a member of the rival gang. During his recovery, that young man unwittingly shows Charlie (Michael Shanks) how to fight his coma.

The kid codes while on the operating table and his spirit appears beside Charlie, who tells him he’s going to die. However, the kid’s angry with thoughts of revenge. He talks to himself, encouraging his comatose body to wake up. Oddly, it works. He cheats death.

Later on, he codes again. This time Charlie’s certain it’s for good. Not so, however. The kid keeps pushing himself to return to his body and he succeeds, proving to Charlie that it’s possible.

Back in the ER, the hockey player gets corralled by the police who want to talk with everyone who saw the shooting. That gives Alex time to work on her patient. Once she gets confirmation he has brain trauma, she tries to convince him to let them have a better look. Of course, he won’t because he knows it means the end of his career.

However, when he passes out on the floor, his girlfriend pleads for Alex to help so she does the CT scan. It shows three aneurysms present in the player’s brain. Realizing how foolish he’s been, the man finally agrees to the surgery.

All goes well. The brain surgeon is able to repair all but one aneurysm. He tells the hockey player he could reach that one. He’ll have to be careful for the rest of his life to prevent it from killing him. Alex reiterates the warning, but the man isn’t hearing her. He screams out that hockey is all he has, which is a surprise to the woman beside him.

Alex gives the man a talking down too, stressing that he has a lot in his life. He has love. She’d settle for any part of Charlie she can get back. Obviously she thinks others should feel the same way.

One man does. He and his wife were in the ER when the shooting started. One of the bullets hit her and lodged dangerously close to the spine. Orthopedic surgeon, Joel Goran pushes the husband to allow him to remove the bullet despite the fact it could kill her.

The other option is to stabilize the spine and allow it time to heal to see if the bullet caused any lasting danger. The problem with that option is that it could leave the woman paralyzed.

The husband says he’d rather have his wife alive and paralyzed than not have her at all. She, however, wants to have the surgery. So eventually the husband capitulates.

Goran goes into the operating room fully intending to do the riskier procedure as planned. However, as he looks at the woman and remembers what her husband said, he thinks better of it. Instead, he stabilizes the spine, giving it time to heal.

Dr. Harris takes a page out of the gang punk’s book and talks to himself about fighting back. While he isn’t able to awaken himself like the kid did, he does manage to fight off pneumonia that had become an immediate threat. He’s still Saving Hope.

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