Saving Money While Shopping At CVS: Perceived Savings verses Actual Budgeted Savings

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Saving money while shopping at CVS has become my hobby and a great way to stretch my household budget. CVS deals with coupons and CVS extra bucks and sales is the basis for the large amount of savings. The dollar amount saved on using coupons, extra bucks and on sale prices is reflected on the bottom of each CVS receipt.
My totals for money saved and money spent for my CVS shopping in May 2010 were:
Saved:  $438.00 Spent:  $8.04
While shopping the CVS deals for the month of May I only had out of pocket cash expense of $8 and I saved $438 off the regular CVS shelf price of the items I purchased.  But did I really save that $438 from my budget?  No, I did not.

First of all, I didn’t need all of the items I bought.  Probably 15% of them were above what my family needed so found homes in the houses of friends or were donated to charities.  So right off I need to take 15% off that $438 total which brings it down to a savings of approximately $373.  But I still didn’t shave $373 off my budget.

If it weren’t for the great potential of savings at CVS with the weekly deals of combining sales, extra bucks, CVS coupons and manufacturer coupons I would not normally buy these items at CVS because of the higher list price.  In my small town I would shop at the least expensive grocery store which has prices approximately 15% below CVS prices.  So shaving that 15% off of the $373 brings me down to $327 in actual budgeted savings.  So when I look at my $3000+ savings last year from CVS shopping I really can only claim approximately 75% of that or $2250+ in budget savings.  This is assuming I did not use coupons or sales at all–this is the savings I get from using these items.

If you look over the things I bought in May you will see a lot of the same items:  deodorant, shampoo and body wash for instance.  Obviously we didn’t need all of these in this month, but they will be used over the next few months and I will not have to worry about buying any of these items at full price because I have them stockpiled.  And when the next month brings CVS deals on toothpaste and paper products, for instance, I can work on stockpiling those items so that I never pay full price for them again.  That is the beauty of using coupons to save money you can always have several months to a year’s worth or more of non-perishable items and never pay full price again, or in many cases never pay for them at all.  You can read more about stockpiling here.

So yes, my frugal way of shopping for CVS deals saves me hundreds of dollars of my budget each month, but it is not all it appears to be.

I coupon to stretch my husband’s paycheck since I am a homemaker, but I found an interesting blog of a gal who coupons and saves her budgeted savings for a trip to Disney each year.  A neat concept and a fun project. If your budget can handle groceries and health an beauty expenses the amount saved using coupons, sales and CVS extra bucks can be earmarked for some special project.

If you want to begin on the road to saving money, CVS is a good place to start.  Check out the step by step lessons in CVS 101 at my blog Simply CVS. You can always find all the current and many future deals posted, too, as well as tricks, tips & tricks of saving the most while shopping at CVS.

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