Saving Myanmar's Tigers

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Wildlife conservationist Alan Rabinowitz travels the world saving animals and their ecosystems — from Belize, where he set up the first ever jaguar sanctuary to now in Myanmar, where he’s behind the world’s largest tiger preserve.

The New York Times called him the “Indiana Jones” of wildlife science – he’s been in plane crashes, negotiated with hostile governments, and encountered every disease and parasite imaginable.

In Myanmar, where he’s established the world’s largest tiger preserve, he had to gain the trust of the military junta, negotiate with native tribes and an insurgent group.

Listen to an On Point conversation with Rabinowitz about saving the last of the world’s tigers as well as see photos of his efforts in Myanmar.

What’s at stake for the planet if we don’t care enough to save the tigers and other big cats? And what’s the right balance between saving the big cats and the realities of population and development?

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