Say Goodbye to ‘New Girl’ for a While

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Fox’s hit comedy, New Girl, is taking a hiatus until November. Fans will have to say goodbye to Zooey Deschanel and her man crew for a few weeks, so will the world still find her adorkable after such a long break?

The villain behind the hiatus? Simon Cowell, of course. Thanks to extended The X Factor episodes, Fox is pulling New Girl from the schedule until November 1st. Yes, smart move, Fox, push aside your first live-action comedic ratings smash in decades for another run-of-the-mill Star Search wannabe. Well played.

Simon Cowell isn’t the only X Factor in the scheduling change, however; MLB Playoffs/ World Series are also to blame for the world having to go without New Girl and its lovable star for a few, sure to be long and a lot less funny, weeks.

The new Fox series has captured the hearts of fans and made ratings records in the coveted 18-49 demographic earning it the first full season pick-upon the fall. The question is will fans be waiting with bated breath for the show’s return, or will it be forgotten as the dust settles on another World Series and the inevitable holiday season begins? Is the New Girl worth the wait? Yes, she absolutely is.

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