Scam: Don’t fall for this one!

I have gotten this scam call several times. Someone calls and asks if you need to lower your credit card interest rates. I always ask for their phone number, and ask for them to identify themselves for my attorney.

That’s when they start to stumble. They say they are with U.S. Financial and give me the number 718-827-9594. But darn when I call it back you get a funny buzz and the operator says the number does not exist.

In other words it’s a scam. It upsets me that some people who may be desperate may fall for this. Once I went so far as to pretend to be interested. They asked me for my credit card number that they would work with to get me lower interest rates.

The key here is never to give out a number without you making the call. Beware this scam. I don’t know why they call me, but this must be the tenth call I have received. Oh and when you call, you are told to speak to “Nuna.”

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