‘Scandal’ – ‘Crash and Burn’ Recap

During last week’s episode, Amanda Tanner (who is said to be pregnant with the president’s child) is kidnapped from Olivia’s home. Tonight, Pope solicits the help of the Assistant United States Attorney to help in locating Tanner. When Quinn’s boyfriend, the reporter, comes by to ask about Tanner, she plays ignorant. He then informs her that a missing person’s report has been filed by Tanner’s father. Meanwhile, Huck approaches an ex-associate to see if he has any information about Tanner’s whereabouts.

The team also takes on a scandal involving a plane crash that results in the death of a senator and over one hundred other people. Following the crash, the airline places blame on the female pilot who has a history of drinking.

While the team is busily working on the airline case, Huck comes in to inform the team that Amanda Tanner is dead. Olivia immediately runs out to the car of the federal agent who has been assigned to watch her office, and yells at him to tell the president that she knows what he did to Amanda Tanner. Later, Amanda’s dad shows up to the office to ask about her. Because the body has not been found, Olivia opts not to tell him about the death. He is however contacted later and must do the unthinkable in identifying the remains of his daughter.

As a result of Olivia’s comments to the agent, the President calls to tell her he didn’t harm Amanda. She tells him however that he is responsible as he “let Cyrus off his leash.” Consequently, Olivia goes to Huck and asks him to do something for her (although she gives him the choice). She promises she will come for him if he needs her, but never says what she is asking him to do. Later Huck kidnaps and brutally interrogates a federal agent to find out where Tanner’s body is. Pope then informs the Assistant US Attorney and lets him know he will need a diving team.

Olivia is also visited by the husband of the pilot. He tells Olivia he and his wife have been married seventeen years, and she has been sober for over twenty years. As Harrison repeatedly listens to the black box tapes, he finds out there was something wrong with the plane. Stephen draws a similar conclusion when he interviews someone who inspected the plane. Olivia then meets with the Chief Executive Officer of the airline. The CEO says he wants to know the truth also and knows nothing about a missing inspection report. When Harrison visits the airlines offices, a worker gives him the report that should have been in the files.

After talking with Olivia, Fitz (the president) tells Cyrus about Amanda’s death. To Fitz’s dismay, Cyrus is really cold and callous about the incident, and even goes so far as to say her death is a “good thing.” Later, Cyrus tells the president about a recent blackmail letter. He is clear it is not from Olivia or Tanner (as she is dead). Therefore, the scandal continues.

At the closing of the show, Fitz asks to go somewhere without his entourage. He negotiates with a couple of the agents to go out with minimal supervision – he ends up at Olivia’s door. Lastly, after schmoozing his friend at the morgue, Stephen finds out Amanda was not pregnant with the president’s child.

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