‘Scandal’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: What the Huck?

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What the Huck? It’s one of many questions that fans of ABC’s hit series Scandal were asking after last night’s jaw dropping episode. If you thought Fitz’s outcome after taking four bullets would be the shocker of the night, nothing could prepare viewers for the identity of the shooter.

Show creator Shonda Rhimes helped move the story along and gave viewers more insight into the complicated romance between President Fitz and Olivia Pope by incorporating numerous flashback scenes in episode eight. Usually the flashback episode is a season filler that generally reveals little to nothing concerning the overall plot of the show. None of that applies in Shondaland. The chemistry between Fitz and Olivia is unlike anything that has ever been captured between a couple on television. But much like everything else in Shondaland, love also has to lend its’ hand to tragedy. Throughout episode eight, viewers saw how the draw between Olivia and Fitz, although strong, poetic, and palpable, was also doomed from the very beginning. Olivia came to the conclusion that their affair could not continue once Fitz was elected President. Although they still continued their relationship while in the White House, The First Lady’s discovery of the affair combined with the murder of seven innocent people at the hands of Dole Energy CEO Hollis Dole provided Olivia with the strength she needed to finally leave Fitz and the White House.

With the President’s life hanging in the balance and a new Madame President sworn into office, many key players on Scandal are also left with uncertain futures and more complicated relationships to deal with. None would appear to be more complicated than the relationship between Olivia and Huck. Once her right hand man, Huck not only fits the description of the man that shot the President, but in the episode’s closing scene, he was also seen packing up the gun that was allegedly used in the assassination attempt. You might want to hold off before yelling that the case is closed. As viewers have come to see many times before, everything is not always as it seems in Shondaland.

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