Scared Pilot Reports UFO at KCI (Video)

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A pilot who wishes to remain anonymous has reported seeing a UFO near the Kansas City International airport. Despite the fear of being ostracized and maybe losing his job, the incident was scary enough to take the risk.

The man, who reports he is a military veteran pilot turned commercial aviator, says the unidentified flying object buzzed his landing jet Monday night. The object was silvery white, shaped like a dish, had three lights under the hull and a dome-shaped top.

That does sound like military aircraft, particularly a new type of jet which has been witnessed but never officially acknowledged by the USAF. It’s the way the craft flew, however, which caused the most alarm and shouldn’t be the way any responsible pilot would fly.

The anonymous pilot claims the UFO flew directly underneath his airplane and sped away at speeds this seasoned aviator never witnessed before. In the report, the pilot claims his co-pilot saw the object as well.

If this is military aircraft, something terribly wrong is happening. Hopefully, news reports like this one will cause an investigation which will help to keep the skies around major airports safer.

Here’s the video:

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