Scarlett Johannson Leaves Angelina Jolie Behind at the Bank

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Scarlett Johansson may be aboard a yacht with a very handsome man by her side off the coast of Italy this week, but it is her ouster of Angelina Jolie’s status as the highest paid actress in Hollywood that has the Huffington Post talking.

Rumor has it that the Avengers actress is tanning her beautiful buns while her fans and box office sales have been setting the stage for the biggest pay check ever for the celebrity.

Hollywood is poised to offer Scarlett Johannson $20 million to star in the Avengers 2 sequel and that tops what Angelina Jolie got for frolicking with Johnny Depp in The Tourist, which was a $12.2 million payout, according to The Sun.

It’s no wonder the movie bigwigs are willing to compensate Johannson so well, of course, since the action flick raked in about 936 million pounds, and thanks in large part to her appearance, which some liken to Marilyn Monroe before her Hollywood transformation.

S JohannsonTom Cruise’s top hit, “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,” only made 690 million dollars worldwide since its 2011 debut according to the Washington Times–and that’s his best grossing film ever, so it’s really saying something that the young starlet draws such a crowd to the theatres.

Angeline Jolie has been doing pretty well in that department herself, but she’s never been paid 20 million dollars for one movie acting job. But when you think about Scarlett Johannson’s pay for this future acting job, it’s nothing compared to what male actors like Tom Cruise can command for movies. And that’s a shame in this “elightened” age.

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