Scarlett Johansson and Kieran Culkin’s Strip Club Date

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Scarlett Johansson is showing that she doesn’t have a problem with skin after her nude photo scandal—she was spotted partying at a strip club with Kieran Culkin.

Scarlett and Mila Kunis share some kind of really odd connection. Both are involved in scandals involving nude photos; both might be friends with benefits with Justin Timberlake; both have worked with Natalie Portman; both were invited to the Marine Corps Ball (although only one accepted); and both might have a thing for Culkin guys.

Well, it’s fairly obvious that Mila had a thing for a Culkin at one point in time—she inexplicably dated Macaulay Culkin for years. However, Kieran Culkin is the real ladies’ man—he’s dated Anna Paquin and Emma Stone.

scarlett-johansson-wd008So while it might seem strange that Scarlett Johansson decided to cry on his shoulder during her nude photo scandal, there’s obviously something about the Culkins that the ladies go for (their sense of humor?). However, their choice of place to go on a date was a little odd considering Scarlett’s apparent disgust for nudity—she is hell-bent on getting all the evidence that she once took naked pictures of herself erased from the web, after all, and she has never done a nude scene in a movie.

Scarlett Johansson might not be a fan of her own female form anymore, but she evidently loves to look at other babes in the buff. Kieran Culkin reportedly took her out on a date at the Crazy Horse strip club in Paris on Wednesday, the same day that her nude photos were leaked on the web. She even posed for a photo with some of the dancers (but sorry, guys, those ladies left their clothes on for the camera).

So what does this strange date say about Scarlett? Well, she had to know that it would look bad for her to ogle the objectified women at a strip club while trying to strip her nude photos from the web, so it seems that she must really have a thing for Kieran Culkin. Or maybe she just really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her anymore, and her publicist is the one fretting about the photos. After all, Scarlett was spotted with Justin Timberlake just a few days later, and she recently grossed everyone out by dating Sean Penn.

So what do you think of ScarJo’s recent behavior—has she stopped worrying what people think about her in order to fully enjoy being single again?

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