Scarlett Johansson Forgets Leaked Photos – Parties with Justin Timberlake

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Scarlett Johansson and Justin Timberlake throw leaked photo issues aside while they party until dawn at 1OAK nightclub in NYC. The two each have a hacking scandal—and some compromising cell phone pics—floating around the Internet, not to mention the FBI files, but they took a short break yesterday for some hot club dancing. Probably a little alcohol was mixed in to hold it all together.

It was already 3:30 in the morning when Scarlett Johansson and Justin arrived at this particular club, reports Hollywood Life, quoting Life & Style magazine. They stayed until after 5:00, and “he was all smiles with her.” Nothing like sharing with a friend who’s swimming in the same basin of hot water.File:Scarlett Johansson in Kuwait 01b-tweaked.jpg

At least one source saw that “she was really into him, but he was, like, being just friends situation.” Or something like that. Others saw two people having fun; does it really need to be more? It’s bad enough having private pictures displayed all over without having more people speculating over your motives in having a drink or two with a friend.

Meanwhile, however all this turns out, and whatever their original intentions—it’s a lesson for everyone. Privacy is not something anyone can count on, celeb or not. Think before you snap a pic you don’t want your grandmother to see, or your boss or your teacher or your ex. Is it worth the risk?

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