Scarlett Johansson Has New Boyfriend: Who Is the Mystery Man?

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Scarlett Johansson has a new boyfriend, but absolutely no one knows who he is. Pictures reveal the Lost in Translation star is holding hands with her mystery man while walking down the street and smiling in New York City over the weekend.

One thing fans know for sure is that he certainly is not Ryan Reynolds, Sean Penn, Josh Hartnett or Patrick Wilson – the list of better known leading men who Johansson has dated and or been linked to in the past. Perhaps ScarJo (she hates the nickname, by the way) is going for a relationship with a little less notoriety. After all, everyone has seen just how successful so many of Hollywood’s most publicized relationships have been going as of late.

While the mystery boyfriend may be a bit older than Scarlett, and may even be Russian (at least if the lettering style to his baseball cap is any indication), the actress’ happiness is certainly paramount and one does not doubt that Scarlett could have her pick of any of New York City’s or Hollywood’s litter of men. Judging from just these pictures, this guy does appear a bit scary though, doesn’t he? Hopefully this isn’t just some random pick up over the weekend that Scarlett is not too sure about. Johansson did just play a role in a movie about a zoo in which she wore absolutely no make up. So her judgment may be a bit clouded.

Perhaps there is hope for normal, slightly older (if not creepy) looking dudes, after all.

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