Scarlett Johansson Naked Pictures Poster ‘Sorry,’ Removes Photos

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Scarlett Johansson naked pictures leaked all over the Internet. But’s founder and poster of the nude photos “feels sorry” for ScarJo. As a show of sincerity, he removed the explicit images.

The Avengers and Ironman 2 star, like Mila Kunis in her leaked (hacked) photo scandal, is the talk of the Internet, for reasons involving private images Johansson admits taking herself.

Since yesterday, images of Ryan Reynolds’ ex-wife displayed on various Internet sites and the public domain, allegedly by hackers who have targeted Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Jessica Alba to name a few.Scarlett Johanssen

But instead of cutting and running, the Lost in Translation actress took an aggressive stance.

Scarlett rolled up her sleeves (fully clothed), partnered with the FBI, and sicced her attorney Marty Singer on those responsible for the nude pictures leak.

Lo and behold, the poster of the Scarlett Johansson naked pictures, founder Nik Richie, had a change of heart. His site is notorious for posting the scoop and skinny of celebrities.

It goes with the territory, yes? Controversy and gossip does sell, and that’s how one pays their bills.

Even more shocking than ScarJo’s nude pics is the website site owner’s soft side for the celebrity who has not gone bad yet.

“I usually never remove images I get from hackers or third parties. When you’re a public figure, you’re looking for attention as far as press and media. But in Scarlett’s case, I felt for her.” So is this a pity party—a bit of charity? Dude, c’mon.

Maybe it has something to do with the likelihood of getting slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit if he did not comply with her lawyer’s “cease and desist order?”

He claims it was only about what was right and not doing something for profit at the cost of ruining someone’s career. Again, dude c’mon!

“It was the more I looked at the images, I really thought they were hacked. I really felt bad for Scarlett Johansson in the situation, so I thought, ‘Let’s take them down, let me be the bigger person for once,'” said the gossip God turned Tin Man with a heart.

That’s one down and countless more to go. The removal from does nothing to remove Scarlett Johansson’s nude leaked photos from the millions of prying eyes on the Internet. Once something is there, it’s nearly impossible to remove.

And similar to Las Vegas’ slogan: What goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet. Hopefully, Scarlett finds peace with this chapter in her life.

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