Scarlett Johansson, Nate Naylor Split: Is Ryan Reynolds to Blame?

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Was Scarlett Johansson’s split with boyfriend Nate Naylor this past week because of Ryan Reynolds. It clearly didn’t take long for the ‘ScarJo is upset about Ryan marrying Blake Lively’ rumors to start flying.

Of course, the seed of the rumors of Johansson’s most recent break-up from Nate Naylor being caused by Reynolds were probably planted by Scarlett herself. The thing is she just didn’t know it at the time. All it took was a past interview where she said she going through her own divorce from Ryan Reynolds was “horrible” and “devastating.”

The question is, did Ryan Reynolds getting remarried push Scarlett Johansson to doubt her current relationship with Nate Naylor? Did she never actually get over Ryan, thus seeing him marry Blake Lively finally force ScarJo into some sort of closure?

Adding to the intrigue was the fact that Scarlett was seen with “friend” (and ex-boyfriend) Jared Leto at the Democratic National Convention. The two were said to have held hands at the event, even though her PR people were insisting that she was still romantically involved with Nate.

Well, from the sound of things, the only truth here is that Scarlett and Nate have broken up. The answer about “why” they split is clearly up for some debate!

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