Scarlett Johansson Nude Leaked Photos: Naked Pics Still Being Posted Online?

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The Scarlett Johansson nude leaked photos scandal seemed to be getting resolved on Friday after legal action threatened websites if they didn’t remove the naked cell phone pics. However, it appears that some websites may not be honoring the cease and desist order, yet.

A smiling woman with blonde hair and wearing red lipstick.The Scarlett Johansson nude scandal surfaced recently to the dismay of the actress and her legal team. They issued an order to various websites to remove the bad photos of the actress. Many complied, but maybe not all. The website has a recent report noting that they will still be posting the pictures on their “founding editor’s Twitter feed” based on the editorial policy of “What Would Tyler Durden Do?” It appears that WWTDD website is still posting two Scarlett Johansson naked pics which show her topless and “bottomless” so to speak.

Actress Scarlett Johansson has never posed nude for any magazines or done any naked roles for movies yet. However, it seems the lesson is learned over and over by actresses about taking these pictures. The bigger lesson here is how scary it is that technology is being hacked into and infilitrating people’s privacy so easily. Add to that the viral nature of the internet and it can cause instant chaos. The publicity never hurts the celebs that much, but it is a scary fact of modern times that technology isn’t completely safe and private.

It also seems that some celebrity gossip and news websites like to push things to the farthest limits, including WWTDD and many other lesser known sites. They realize that with a leaked photo scandal of this nature comes a lot of free website traffic. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that the cost of legal troubles could far outweight that.

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