Scarlett Johansson Phone Hack Inspires ‘Naked Tush’ Meme ‘ScarlettJohanssoning’

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Scarlett Johansson was so upset about getting her phone hacked, she immediately contacted the FBI. It didn’t do much good since a pic of her shooting her own tush in a mirror has spread virally over the web to the tune of millions of hits. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

But there is an upside. The pic has inspired a new Internet meme, called “scarlettjohnssoning” on Tumblr for girls who want to emulate the fantastic piece of real-life artwork. The result? The Scarlett Johansson “Tush” meme!

A young woman with tousled medium length blonde hair loosely around her shoulders and face, looking to her right, her right arm slightly behind her, stands in the middle of a group of men. She is dressed in denim jeans, a light gray short sleeved shirt and a camera hangs around her neck.Fans who want to get in on the action merely have to upload a photo of themselves taking a naked tush shot in the mirror.

The entries so far are fairly similar to the real thing, but that will probably change. Especially when the guys get in on the act.

And, since this is a meme after all, it shouldn’t be too long before cats and dogs get their fair shot at going doubly viral.

Unfortunately, the new Scarlett Johansson tush meme can’t be shown here. But for the curious, or for the adventurous types who want to pile on, simply googling “scarlettjohanssoning +tumblr” leads to a list of sites with “ScarJo”-inspired pics and virally expanding meme entries.

A word of warning, though. As might be expected, those pages are verly likely to be big-time NSFW…

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