Scarlett Johansson vs. Blake Lively: Feud Over Ryan Reynolds

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Although relationships and marriages may not last long in Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson is still hooked on her ex-husband despite agreeing to a divorce. Now that her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, has moved on and found happiness with another hot blonde, Blake Lively, Scarlett is fuming with anger and jealousy. Although no one made a comment when she moved on and dated other men, she is making a big deal about Ryan’s new woman – but why?

It has been a year since Scarlett ended her two-year marriage to Ryan Reynolds and she may know more about him than the public. Perhaps she knows that when Ryan is considering moving in with another woman, it is serious. “Scarlett is pissed that he’s not under her spell anymore,” a source has shared with Us Weekly. “She realized what a great catch Ryan was.”

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Could Scarlett Johansson just be beating herself up about her decision to date other men since Ryan took her dating as a sign that the couple wouldn’t reconcile? The source told Us Weekly that “Ryan would have gotten back with her. He was so totally in love, but then she flaunted Sean right after their split and he was done.”

What is Scarlett Johansson to do? Well, she should just move on. She made the decision to divorce and move on and Ryan and Blake are reportedly doing really well. They have not fought or had major disagreements. Perhaps Scarlett is realizing that her ex-lover is gone for good.

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