~Scarred Story, Epilogue~



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I found her alone

in a cafe, next town over

What she thought would be

torn linen curtains, flooring ripped

a shadow of darkness

after the hungry mouth had devoured

all the food in its path

never happened

the monster sought a different meal

She was left knowing

what she was capable of

the decision she had rendered

who to save

I stood in front of her

not knowing what to say

for the monster had taken

more than I had imagined

Her sleepless, shattered eyes

a skeletal frame of a woman

weary posture of shame

spoke to me – wordlessly

I wanted to ask why?

But when she lifted her eyes

raised her arms to the sky

and screamed, “why did I do it?”

I realized I didn’t know her why

at all and then -

She asked:

Are the pears still there?


The cream?


Just as you left them.



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