Scarves – Ceramic Lantern – Cool gifts under ten bucks!

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Need a little inspiration to help you find or create that special little something, perfect gift, for your family and friends? Then have a look at these cool finds and creations for ten bucks or less. Budgets are tight all around, but you know the holidays are coming and it’s always someones birthday.

This is the first in a new series to be posted every Friday.

Ten bucks can go a long way if you know how to make that dollar squeak.

Here are three gift ideas

 to make your wallet sing. 

To begin with throw out the notion that the only place you can shop is Walmart or the Dollar store. Just because your budget is limited and whose isn’t these days, doesn’t mean you can’t shop and find the perfect gift at any of the more expensive stores.

Clearance sales are your friend, so are places like Walgreens, the Import store or the flea market or a local souvenir shop, even artist galleries.

Pier I Imports just had their summer clearance sale and

look what I found for my garden friends who like beautiful decor on a shoe string budget.

A well made, heavy ceramic and definitely expensive looking lantern

perfect to decorate and light up your patio or garden.

I can see it on display on a buffet table or hung next to your entrance door.

Extra Tip: Bonus for those of us living in Florida’s humid climate – finally a lantern that will not start rusting within a week!



Since I mentioned Walgreens, here is a pretty, decorative, entirely useful gift suggestion. The best part, it’s a two for one!

For the past couple of years Walgreens started carrying a nice selection of scarfs and large shawls in the winter months.

Fancy shawls (lightweight) in all colors and pattern, some with silver threads – bear with me, I know I said useful -

Perfect to cover a dresser, your buffet or as a light cover-up for a holiday dress.

Did I mention the price? $ 7,50 for two

This one is purple with silver threads








Their selection includes regular size and weight scarves as well, I even found a large, heavyweight scarf suitable for men or women.









Extra Tip:

You can buy just one scarf for under five bucks which leaves you extra money for say Lindt Truffles – to die for – in case you haven’t tried them yet. 


Find it on sale at Target or Walgreens between five or six bucks for two bags – so sweeten the deal! 


Gift giving is an art,

plan ahead because then you are more likely to find a great deal plus

you’ll have time to ask your friends about their likes and dislikes. 

Consider food, No really, think about it, with our shrinking incomes who hasn’t cut out or at least back on their favorite treats, favorite chocolates, good coffee or tea.

Don’t just give whichever chocolate is on sale, ask them about their favorite chocolate, don’t give coffee to a tea lover, inquire if and what kind of flavored coffee they might like. I generally don’t care for flavored coffee, but I have friends who like anything vanilla flavored.

This is the perfect opportunity to use your imagination and be creative. Gift baskets always look so special. The key is to decide on a theme and use all sorts of containers for a beautiful gift display. 

Wrap up their favorite coffee and chocolate in a pretty new kitchen towel and tie with the fanciest ribbon from the dollar store that you can find. Maybe you can find a matching mug in their favorite color – our dollar store always has nice solid color mugs for only one dollar.

Always consider the circumstances and preferences of the person you are gifting. Not everyone will appreciate another cup to clutter up their already over crowded kitchen.

Next Friday I’ll share a few of the best websites to scour for ten bucks along with more ideas and pictures for your own personal gift guide.

Written 9-23-2011 – Copyright © Rose Hill All rights reserved – Images © Rose Hill 

(Lindt chocolate photo from target on line)


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