School Bus Driver in New Jersey Gets DUI

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A female school bus driver in New Jersey was pulled over and arrested on DUI charges after her student passengers started calling parents in a panic to alert them that they were in danger.

46-year-old Carole Crockett, was swerving and falling asleep behind the wheel of the school bus. The middle school-aged kids used their cell phones to dial up their parents to complain about the bus driver’s reckless driving. The parents then called Westhampton Middle School, and school officials alerted the police.

School Bus

Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

Police apprehended Crockett at Holly Hills School where she was trying to pick up even more students. They subjected her to a breathalyzer, and she blew a blood-alcohol level of .25 percent. New Jersey’s state’s legal limit is .08. She was arrested and charged with 25 counts of driving under the influence with a minor, and child endangerment. The 25 counts represent one charge for each child on the bus.

Crockett posted bail and was released from jail. Her court date is scheduled for November 17th.

Is the School Negligent for the School Bus Driver DUI Incident?

It’s alarming that a school bus driver was intoxicated to a point that was over three times the legal limit for a dui in the middle of the afternoon. This gross disobedience of the law is a sure sign of an alcohol problem. Was no one at Westhampton Middle School aware that Crockett had a drinking problem? How could these school officials allow so many children to be put in danger while turning a blind eye. If this was 20 years ago and not 2011, these kids wouldn’t have had cell phones to call their parents. Who knows what could’ve happened then?

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