School Counselor Cynthia Stewart Caught Sexting Her Nude Photos to Child

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Cynthia Stewart, an elementary school counselor, is accused of sending up to 30 nude photos of herself to a 15-year-old boy. The 43-year-old was also caught with a photo of the boy’s genitals. Police are now trying to prove she had sex with the boy.

Cynthia, known as Cindy Stewart at work, was at Olympic Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas. It is believed she came into contact with her alleged victim through Facebook about 2 years ago when her victim was just 13. According to police, the communication through Facebook and texting eventually turned sexual. It is not clear who initiated the contact on Facebook. Could Cynthia Stewart have been trolling for young boys?

The boy’s parents first became suspicious when they noticed a volume of phone contacts appeared on their son’s cell phone in the early hours. The boy eventually showed his parents the nude photos the school counselor had sent to his phone. Authorities raided the home of Cynthia Stewart and confiscated her computer and cell phone. When they found nude photos of the boy’s genitals, she was arrested for receiving child pornography.

Now police believe Cynthia may have had sex with her victim but do not appear to have evidence yet. The school counselor admits to sending the nude photos of herself and sexting the young boy, the sending of the images would be misdemeanors but actual sexual contact would be felony. It would stand to reason, if the relationship went this far, it could have led to sex. Predators seldom stop before reaching their goal.

It is hard to understand why a 43-year-old would want sexual contact with a child. However, if child sex abuse is like rape, then there is the aspect of control. Most rapes are a result of power issues more than sex. Why would the need to sexually abuse a minor be any different than rape?

Cynthia Stewart is behind bars now and faces up to 10 years in prison. Her ability to work around minors is gone forever and she will probably be registered as a sex offender for life. Men are not the only ones who use their sexual power to control the weaker and more defenseless. The boy’s parents were vigilant and brought the woman’s crime to an end. How many others are out there where the parents don’t pay attention?


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