School Shooting in California, Another One Averted in Colorado: What’s Wrong?!

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It hasn’t even been a month since the Sandy Hook school shooting and there has already been another. This time, it was a 16-year-old at Taft Union High School, which happens to be the same school Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s father attended. And by the way, an unarmed teacher took down the teen shooter. The NRA would have all teachers armed and participating in shootouts as if they are Wild Bill Hickok.

Then earlier this week a bomb threat was scrawled on the bathroom walls of Niwot High School in Boulder County, Colorado… another rural high school. School officials notified parents of the threat that said the school would “blow on the 11th.” Then a “hit list” containing the names of 30 students was found in a bathroom by an athlete on the wrestling team. Three wrestlers’ names were on the list. The school emailed parents that the school would be closing based on the advice of the Boulder Sherriff’s Department. Denver’s 9 News reported live from Niwot Thursday night. The police were preparing to go into the school with K-9s to do a bomb search at around 9 p.m. MST.

The Taft Union High School shooter allegedly had a “hit list” too according to classmate Angela Hayden who says he was making threats of killing people last year on a field trip to Universal Studios.

Why are there so many young people who feel their only peace can come from shooting up a school? Is it really because there are no guns in schools? There are other public places where they could possibly get a higher kill rate. Why school shootings?

It’s probably a combination of things. It’s a combination of inattentive parents, bullying that goes unpunished, violent video games, idiotic reality television shows that glamorize bad behavior, and the fame given to shooters by the media. If you’re a lonely teen, you feel like this moment is all there will ever be. If you’ve gone unnoticed by your busy parents and unnoticed by the school system that favors athletes and you are spending all your time alone playing games where power and “winning” are measured by the amount of violence, you’re probably not going to be seeing the world in a rational light. You might be so desperate for some attention that any attention will do. That’s one theory.

Another is that all these kids are mentally ill. That doesn’t seem likely.

The reports are that the California shooter had a “shotgun.” There’s been no information about what type of weapon the alleged Niwot shooter planned to use, if any.

Do these events help or hurt the fight against guns?

Image Source: Greg Lindstrom/Times-Call

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