Schwarzenegger scorns Bush inaction on climate

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If you think that climate change is all about partisan advantage, you missed the news today. Schwarzenegger is outraged by the fact that the Bush EPA has shot down his plan to combat climate change by setting tighter standards in California. Bush spat out a rationalization- our plan has to be national. Yeah, that would be nice George but in seven years you have failed to come up with a national plan. As a consequence, Arnold is sick of the sight of you.  Please, no more visits to California.

The truth of the matter is simpler than national versus state authority. Bush never wanted to undertake action to combat the threat of climate change, because much of his base does not believe that it exists. However, the moderates within the Republican party have gotten tired of simmering and are starting to boil. Hang on one more year, George, you need to do that favor to payback all the Exxon election cash!

Schwarzenegger, in utter frustration, promised a lawsuit against the EPA decision. Too late, it takes more than one year to make it through the courts. By then George will be on his permanent golfing vacation, and you know damn well that whoever comes after him is not going to defend that EPA inaction in the face of creeping disaster. George just seems to feel that leadership is bad in some areas. Better to crawl along behind industry- as if industry could ever hope to deal with climate change in the total absence of governmental leadership.  It's been a sad chapter, and I wish I could turn the final page now instead of January 2009.

Let's let the Governor of California speak for himself from today's speech:

"It's another example of the Administration's failure to treat global warming with the seriousness that it actually demands….Anything less than aggressive action on the greatest environmental threat of all time is inexcusable."

Question: all you Gather Republicans who delight in heaping abuse on Al Gore as a crazy environmental poseur, care to heap some of that on the Republican Governor of California? Let's be consistent.

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