Schwarzenegger Sounding More Like A Democrat Every Day

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Has anyone else noticed that Arnold Schwarzenegger is sounding more and more like a Democrat instead of a Republican these days?  He criticized governors of other states for refusing the stimulus money.  These governors are Republicans and have set up ways of doing things in their states to be less dependent on the government, which I think is wonderful!  They don't want to take part in the Democrats' spendaholic ways and are trying to help their states get back on their feet in a more practical and realistic long term way.

Unfortunately, our President doesn't seem to be interested in what's going to happen over the long run, just what will get him the most support right now. He makes short-sighted decisions that will impact our country for years to come and all he seems to care about are those in his party who agree with him.

Arnold is acting more and more like a Democrat and is not at all what I voted for or what others who wanted a change from the Democratic spending habits voted for.  He said he was going to make changes just like Obama has promised changed but he's almost worse than Gray Davis because at least we knew where Gray Davis stood and we could vote effectively.

Arnold is signing bills that will raise California's taxes higher than they've ever been and is putting a lot of people into a terrible situation.  The problem is that if he hadn't been so arrogant and had been a little more careful a couple of years ago the way he handled the Teacher's Union, we probably wouldn't be having so many problems right now.  He took on the Union without being fully prepared all because he thought he could beat them because he is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If he had just stepped back after that and gotten a better perspective, he could have still pulled things off but instead he gave in to the Democrats and now we are all paying for it.

I think he's been around the Kennedys too long!

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