Schwarzenegger Veto Letter

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So apparently California governor Schwarzenegger vetoed Assembly Bill 1176 via letter five days ago, but there’s another message in his letter, and it’s of the four letter variety. Reading the news, the bill was apparently about increasing the powers of the Port of San Francisco and passed the state legislature with no dissenting votes. But Schwarzenegger vetoed it anyway.

But careful eyes will note in the left hand side of the text, heading down the paragraph Schwarzenegger’s letter leaves another message. I won’t be crass enough to state what it is (being the gentleman I am), but it does rhyme with “duck foo”.

You can see Schwarzenegger’s veto letter here if you’re so inclined. And yes, it’s a link from the government of California website, so I’m betting it’s pretty legit.

Don’t know about you, but Schwarzenegger just got my vote.  If I was uncool enough to vote that is. 

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