Scientists Simulate Terror Attack in Boston Subway

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Scientists simulated a terror attack in the tunnels of the Boston Subway on Friday.  The study was to determine how toxic chemicals and deadly biological agents might move through the subway, which is the nation’s oldest.  In 1995 members of a group AUM Shinrikyo released a lethal gas called sarin into the Tokyo Subway.  The terror attack resulted in 12 deaths and at least 6,000 injuries.  The United States is looking to prevent something worse from happening in its own subway systems.

According to CBS News, this study involved the scientists releasing non-toxic, odorless gas into the MBTA Subway of Boston on Friday.  The scientists will be at T stations or ride inside the subway cars to observe the spread of the gases.  Electronic devices will take air samples at various locations for the study.

This latest study was part of an entire week’s worth of work, which was commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security.  The plan behind the studies is to find methods to reduce any airborne attacks that might occur in 15 of the nation’s subway systems.  There’s a reported 810 miles of track in the subway systems of the United States, and almost 3.5 billion trips occurred in them just last year.  That makes the study crucial to minimize terrorist attack risks.

After this study, it appears New York is next up, with the NYPD using a $3.2 million federal grant to study its vast subway system.  Washington DC had its own study done in 2008.  While some may say the spending is high, these studies are crucial to protecting some of the United States most frequented public transportation areas.  The money being spent for this research could potentially save many lives in the future.

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