Scientology: Was Katie Holmes The First To Walk Away?

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Katie Holmes isn’t the first major star to walk away from scientology. In fact she isn’t even the first of Tom Cruise’s wives to walk away. When Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced she left the so called church and it cost her both her children. What is it about Tom Cruise driving women from his church? Outside of the ex-Mrs. Cruises other stars have walked away from the cult and they didn’t all leave quietly.

File:Nicole Kidman 2004.jpgJason Beghe left the “church” after 13 years and spoke out against the church when he left. Beghe called Scientology destructive. He went on to say that the cult stunts your evolution and that it is completely unhealthy. This really is a no brainer to those on the outside looking in.

Paul Haggis, film director, also left the “church” after realizing he had been part of a cult for 34 years. The breaking point for Haggis was when leaders spoke out in agreement with Proposition 8 in California. He claimed everyone around him could see it was a cult but for some reason he was unable to open his eyes to the truth. Haggis shouldn’t be too hard on himself as that is how many who are within a cult feel when they finally leave.

Actress Diana Canova also walked away from Scientology after spending years with the group. Canova said she believed all the horror stories she had heard and was afraid of walking away. Sound like cult practices to anyone else?

At least Katie Holmes won’t be alone in the celebrity world when it comes to being an ex-scientologist. Hopefully those who have broken away before her will have some words of advice and provide the support she will likely need. If anyone knows what she stands to lose it is Nicole Kidman and others who have walked away.

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